U-Change Plug Lock & Key

Ref: 15646960

Product Code: LK0200/LK0201

£17.75 plus VAT

This unique lock set allows you to re-key your machines up to 8 times. A great way to aid security of your machine. If a key has been stolen or lost, instead of having to change the lock with the expense that can incur, you can just purchase this U-Change Lock set and be able to re-set the lock without any hassle.

You can buy just the lock and one user key to begin with, purchasing the position key (lock changing key) and the coinsiding key at a later date, as and when needed. 



1 x U-Change Lock 

1 x U-Change Lock Key No.1

The lock, position key and all of the 8 different keys are available to order seperately, please ask for more details.



Fits all standard T or L handles
Features 'U-Change' 8 pin tubular key system
Quickly re-key the lock to any of the 8 combinations using a change key without removing and reassembling the lock
Triple-plated hardened steel body
Spring-loaded hardened steel latch
Key removable only in the locked position
Available keyed-alike or keyed-different
Housing Length - 32mm
Housing Diameter - 19mm
Vending machines leasing