Spinel Jessica 1 Pod Machine

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Product Code: Spinel Jessica 1 Pod Machine

Spinel Jessica 1 Pod Machine


Jessica is the new professional espresso coffee machine for pods, result of the long-standing experience of Spinel in production and marketing of capsule and pod coffee machines.

Specially designed for great consumptions, it is characterized by an innovative and appealing design with soft, captivating lines: a concentrate of charm, professionalism and technology.

It features brass coffee exchanger units with independent switching on and a stainless steel boiler (1, 2 or 5 liters depending on the different versions) for the production and the delivery of steam and hot water. The extreme modularity ensures flexibility, saving on energy consumption, service continuity even in case one of the units is at a standstill for maintenance. All controls, levers and buttons are at your fingertips, easy to handle and to use. Jessica is also available with 14 gr coffee units for double pod.

Imposing, strong, and extremely reliable; the Patented Hydraulic Self-cleaning System permitted to eliminate the main cause of jamming in coffee machines, i.e. the lime scale. Wearing of the mechanical parts is limited by the high position of the coffee unit closing levers. The design features of this technology jewel Made in Italy facilitate also maintenance and service interventions.

The optional features available on demand consist of the electronic thermostats for adjusting the infusion temperature, the 5 liter boiler, the front panel and the rear one in stainless steel, the volumetric dosing unit for automatic stop of dispensing, the cup warmer, the direct connection to the water piping system, the cappuccinatore, the credit coffee system as well as the mechanical counter. The refined side frame for containment of cups is standard.

Jessica, ideal working tool for bars, pizzerias, restaurants, cafeterias and fast-food restaurants, reserves another surprise, something completely new in the field: JJ Hybrid. According to models, it can be configured with a capsule coffee unit and two pod coffee units (one for 7gr and one for 14gr), with two capsule units and one pod unit, with a capsule unit and one pod unit. The best combination is left to the choice and requirements of the customer!

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