About Us

Family Owned, Based in Blackpool

Sell-a-vend is a family owned business based in Blackpool, North West of England. We have been trading in used and new equipment for almost 60 years and have over 100 years of combined experience in this field.
We have an extensive range of machines in stock at any one time from many of the leading manufacturers.
Highly experienced technicians in our efficient workshop and a very good support service for problems and faults.

Our Heritage

The Simpson family business goes back to 1934 manufacturing dandelion & burdock, ginger beer, sarsaparilla, lemonade and other beverages made from the raw ingredients. The beverages were bottled stone jars and these may have even been delivered by horse and cart to many of their early customers.

Established in 1934, Simpsons Beverages have been developing and formulating drinks solutions for over 80 years. Our company has evolved from our grandfather’s business when he originally moved to Blackpool using a van to sell natural fruit squashes to the local hotels and bed and breakfasts, evolving to become a worldwide supplier of innovative beverage solutions, whilst always retaining our principles of ‘simple, honest, on-time quality service’.

"Simple, Honest, On-time, Quality Service"

"Collaborative Relationships with Suppliers and Customers"

Now in our third generation and still proudly family owned and operated, the key to our success is our collaborative relationships with our customers and suppliers and we are renowned throughout the industry for our excellent customer service; assessing requirements individually to ensure expectations are exceeded time and again.

In the 1950’s, when vending in the UK was in its very early days, Simpsons Vending (as they were then known) were one of the first to start an operated vending service in the Lancashire area. Dealing in 2nd hand equipment started very soon after, as more vending companies were founded in the UK, and the business grew to the point where it became too big to operate along with the manufacturing and operating business.

In 1989, Sell-a-vend partnership was formed by David Simpson and his wife so he could concentrate and focus on the buying and selling in separate premises. In the following 2-3 years, he was joined by sons Bryan, Andrew and then Roger, the current senior management team.

The business enjoyed consistent growth and became recognised as specialists in both national and international markets. SAV has developed and continue to enjoy long-term relationships with customers from all over the world – Eire, Scotland, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, UAE, Morocco, India, Australia & New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA, Chile, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France……. To name a few.

In the mid 2000’s SAV invested in computers, mobile phones and install state of the art SAGE accounting system. The company takes on distributorship of the Italian brand GPE and American Wittern/USI as well becoming distributors for LED lighting to retrofit to most types of vending machines, bespoke lexan panels for can vendors, plastic moulding repair kits and a range of vinyl graphics. Locks, keys, menu panels are also available for most of the popular models.

In 2011 David retires and we sell his MAN truck and two artic trailers! The business is now managed by senior team comprising of David’s three sons, Roger, Bryan and Andrew.

Now importing range of top quality specialty teas – Ceremonie – which we are offering to the vending, HORECA and OCS markets.

Bespoke vending cabinets and surrounds which can be branded to the customers’ requirement

Spinel ESE pod machines and contactless cashless payment system.